Flexible tracheostomy tubes

The Rüsch Ultra Tracheo Flex cannula is presented here as representative of many flexible tracheostomy tubes on the market.

The Rüsch Ultra TracheoFlex® cannula is a sterile, latex-free siliconized PVC cannula with spiral reinforcement. The stainless steel spiral reinforcement prevents compression of the lumen whilst maintaining full flexibility. The Ultra TracheoFlex® cannula has a 15-mm standard connector (1) that is securely glued into place and cannot be removed, nor will it dislodge accidentally. At the bottom end of the cannula is a low-pressure cuff (2) that has an integrated supply with a control balloon (3) and is blocked by a valve with a Luer syringe lug (4). If inserting in a narrow or tricky tracheostoma, a Seldinger bar (5) may be inserted in the cannula as shown in fig. B, which makes it easier to insert the soft cannula.
The Ultra TracheoFlex® cannula is secured by means of a movable and rotating retaining plate (6) that is held in position by a clamping mechanism (7). The movable retaining plate means the utilizable length of the cannula is variable, and being easy to bend it can be used in almost any entry angle into the tracheostoma. The clamping mechanism is given a quarter-turn upwards to secure the retaining plate. Fig. C shows the retaining plate in the secured position (the gray dot is pointing upwards). Fig. D shows the retaining plate in the movable position (gray dot pointing to the left).
NOTE: If the retaining plate is accidentally not orientated and secured in the absolute horizontal, then the clamping mechanism may block the supply to the cuff. It cannot then be inflated, although the control balloon will.
The Ultra TracheoFlex® cannula is often inserted directly after surgery or if there are problems with the tracheostoma, as it is extremely flexible in length and bend. However, it is only intended to be used for a few days, not permanently, and it cannot be sterilized.

Available cannula sizes: see table

SizeInner diameter in mm Outer diameter in mm Max. length in mm Cuff Ø in mm
7 7 10,4 62 22
8 8 11,4 90 24
9 9 12,4 113 25
10 10 13,4 113 26
11 11 14,4 113 28