Ceredas Tracheostomapflaster Cyranose

The Cyranose system is a comprehensive rehabilitation system (tracheostoma plasters, HME-L filters, tracheal cannulas, tracheostoma valve) for laryngectomees that was developed in France by a laryngectomised patient. At the heart of the Cyranose is a reusable HME filter with a secretion trap that is introduced in section HME-L. The Cyranose system uses as a reusable base as the tracheostoma plaster that is attached to the skin with a double-sided adhesive ring. The base is available in 4 shapes (round A2, semi-oval E2, transverse-oval G2 and longitudinal-oval D2). The adhesive rings are available with standard adhesion (regular) and in a skin-friendly version (sensitive).  Ceredas recommends leaving the base on the skin for no longer than 24 hours, and leaving a short break before reapplication in order to give the skin a chance to rest. The base is cleaned with soapy water, then rinsed and dried. It must not be cleaned with solvents.

The lifetime of the base is given as 12 months under normal use and conditions. All Cyranose products are one-patient products.

NOTE: At 35mm, the connector ring in the base of the tracheostoma plaster is much bigger than the widely used 22mm connector for laryngectomy aids. Aids of 22mm diameter can be connected using an adapter.

Preparing the A2 base for adhesion

Cleaned A2 base
Template for sticking the adhesive ring to the base
The split protective film is removed from the adhesive ring
The adhesive ring is placed on the template with the adhesive side facing up
The template makes it easier to stick the base to the adhesive ring centrally and without wrinkles.
Removing the protective film from the second adhesive side of the adhesive ring.
Base now ready to use, adhesive ring applied without blisters and now in place

Cleaning the A1 base after removal

Used base with adhesive film.
The adhesive film is pulled off the base cleanly and completely.
The cleaned base can be washed in soapy water.