Method of insertion Tracoe® VoiceMaster

Method of insertion

The Tracoe® VoiceMaster prosthesis is inserted anterograde using a tensioning system.

RED: The prosthesis is not fixed and not under tension. In this position, the prosthesis is placed on the inserter, and the inserter is removed once the prosthesis has been placed in the shunt.
YELLOW: The prosthesis is fixed on the inserter but not put under tension. Gentle pulling on the inserter, once the prosthesis is in the shunt, will establish whether it has been safely hooked to the esophagus.
GREEN: The prosthesis is firmly attached to the inserter and the prosthesis is placed under tension for insertion by pressing on the piston.
For insertion, the VoiceMaster prosthesis is placed on the inserter (functions position RED) and secured to the inserter by the retaining tape.
The inserter piston is now pushed slightly until the position is YELLOW, which secures the prosthesis to the inserter. As the piston is pushed further, the prosthesis is put under tension, and once completely under tension is ready for insertion (position GREEN).
The prosthesis is now fed anterograde into the shunt until only the tracheal flange remains visible.
Pulling the piston back into the YELLOW position relaxes the prosthesis, and it hooks into the esophagus.
After checking that the prosthesis is securely in place, it is released from the inserter by drawing the piston back into the RED position.
The prosthesis should remain attached to the inserter by its retaining tape until the correct functioning of the prosthesis has been checked and confirmed.
The retaining tape is then trimmed.