Method of insertion Heimomed® Phonax

The Heimomed Phonax® prosthesis can be inserted anterograde and retrograde.
Retrograde insertion

For insertion during the laryngectomy, for instance, the Heimomed Phonax® prosthesis can be pulled into the shunt retrograde on a guide wire (B).
The guide wire for the Phonax® prosthesis is a soft piece of tubing, in sterile packaging, with an atraumatic tip to which the prosthesis can be attached (C).
Anterograde insertion

For anterograde insertion of the voice prosthesis, the Phonax® is placed on a flexible applicator (1) and secured by the retaining tape (2) in the clamping slot (3) of the applicator.
Demonstration of anterograde insertion of the Phonax® prosthesis on Heimomed's shunt model (fig. F-I):

The Phonax® prosthesis (F) on the applicator is inserted into the shunt (G) and pushed forward until the esophageal flange unfolds (H). A gentle pull on the applicator will cause the flexible esophageal flange to spring back slightly and secure the prosthesis in the shunt.